All-Home opened a pilot store south of Metro Manila. 
All-Home opened a pilot store south of Metro Manila. 
PET plus


Using synergy effects

Philippine home improvement chain All-Home has expanded into pet supplies retailing to capitalise on the natural synergy between home building and maintenance and animal companionship.
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All-Home announced in a statement, posted on the Philippine Stock Exchange, that it had started operations for Pet-Buddy, its pet care brand which operates as a premium pet supplies shop, grooming centre and day care facility for animal companions. It added that this came after pet adoption rose in the country at the onset of the pandemic, which restricted the populace to their residences for a period of two years. “Pet supplies find a natural home in the full-line offering of All-Home, and figure heavily in current revenue splits in the chain’s DIY Lifestyle category,” the company said. It added: “The All-Home value offering carries an elevated customer experience, and this approach is extended in its Pet-Buddy concept.” The company opened a pilot store south of Metro Manila last year. Four more outlets, all on the outskirts of the capital, were scheduled to open this year.

A key assortment

Speaking about the product selection of Pet-Buddy, the company’s vice-chairman Camille Villar noted that Filipinos attach importance to sourcing the right products and services for their pets, which are considered family members. “Our customers display a sense of care and responsibility for their pets, and by leveraging our own expertise in providing elevated experiences to our customers, we are confident in our ability to delight pet owners with our newest concept.”

Accessory products also play an important role in the range. 

All-Home said that Pet-Buddy stores were classified under its small speciality format. With the launch of the four outlets, the store network will grow to 62. Of these, 23 are mall-based and 18 are freestanding outlets, while 21 are speciality stores. “With the commitment to serve its customers better, it continuously explores new concepts that complete its full-line offering of customers’ home needs,” stated the company.

The customers display a sense of care and responsibility for their pets.

Jennee Grace  U Rubrico 

Jennee Grace  U Rubrico

Jennee Grace U Rubrico is a researcher, journalist and editor. When she is not travelling for work, she lives in Brunei with her husband and cats.

A growing market

Although All-Home is so far the only home improvement chain in the country that directly operates a pet store, its competitors also sell pet supplies in their outlets…

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