Fressnapf Austria, Klagenfurt’s mayor Christian ­Scheider (left) Hermann Aigner, managing director of Fressnapf Austria
Klagenfurt’s mayor Christian ­Scheider (left) and Hermann Aigner, managing director of Fressnapf Austria, in front of the ornamental fish installation.
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Fressnapf Austria

New pilot store in Klagenfurt

Fressnapf Austria has opened its first XXL store in Klagenfurt by converting the former Fressnapf branch there to the new ­format. 
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“Everything here revolves around pets and their needs and is designed to offer a pleasant shopping experience for people and their pets,” explains Hermann Aigner, managing director of Fressnapf Austria. Although the store on Klagenfurt’s Durchlaßstraße still has a retail area of 1 400 m2, it offers a much larger product range. The XXL store stocks over 1 500 new products, including a home-farming assortment, an extended selection of chew products and a larger non-food range in the dog and cat segments. A new feature of the store is what is called the Meat Corner, offering an extensive choice of bones and raw food items. A Fressnapf grooming salon for attending to the coat, claws and ears of canine and feline companions is another established element of the new XXL store. 

Service station

An advice ”service station” complete with seating and a coffee machine is also one of the in-store attractions. Staff members can bring customers here to give in-depth advice in quieter surroundings. There is an online ordering terminal here, too, with a large screen. Plans are in hand to add a digital adoption booth to the service station, along with more online terminals across the sales floor. These plans are expected to be realised in the autumn.

The shop fittings combine Scandinavian design with an industrial look and are intended to create a high feelgood factor with customers as well as encouraging them to explore further and engage with other pet lovers. The shopping experience covering everything related to pets that is offered in Klagenfurt is matched to these intentions. As well as experience worlds focusing on small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and other rodents, a cage bird department awaits shoppers along with an aquarium department with a nature-inspired backdrop and a stock of over 280 types of ornamental fish.

Hermann Aigner (right)  and sales director  Thomas ­Kerschbaumer
Hermann Aigner (right)  and sales director  Thomas ­Kerschbaumer  in front of the new Meat Corner. (Source: Photos: Fressnapf Österreich/Hannes Schneider )
Fressnapf, Stephanie Lackner 
Stephanie Lackner runs the Fressnapf salon in the XXL store. (Source: Photos: Fressnapf Österreich/Hannes Schneider )
Fressnapf Klagenfurt
The Klagenfurt animal shelter Garten Eden received support from the Fressnapf charity initiative “Tierisch engagiert” (“Committed to Pets”). (Source: Photos:
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