Best Newcomer of 2022

Best Newcomer Award

PET worldwide seeks the Best Newcomer

Who will be the Best Newcomer of 2022? At the International Pet Conference in Bologna on 11 and 12 October, PET worldwide will offer five start-ups the opportunity to introduce themselves and their products to a large audience. The award will go to the stand-out company among these.

The upturn in the pet supplies sector experienced during the pandemic encouraged many young entrepreneurs to invest in products for dogs, cats and other pets. In the age of the Internet and social media, getting a company up and running and making it known to the public is child’s play. Nevertheless, it is still a long and rocky road from launching a product to seeing it achieve market success. Many a good idea that our pet sector could carry forward has failed to progress because too few people in the market heard of it, or because no suitable distribution partners were found.

How it works

Are you a newcomer to the pet supplies sector and would like to be considered for the PET worldwide Best Newcomer Award? Then apply no later than 10 June at Speciality retailers who have a successful working relationship with a newcomer company and wish to recommend it for the award can also apply using the online form on the website.

The PET worldwide trade magazine regards it as an important mission to promote new companies with innovative business ideas. Many young companies are trying to revolutionise the market and boost the attractiveness of the pet supplies sector with their ideas. That’s why the magazine, which founded the International Pet Conference, will give its own award - the PET worldwide Best Newcomer Award – for new companies in the pet sector for the first time at this year’s conference in Bologna on 11 and 12 October. The award has been given twice in Germany already, at the Pet Conference in 2019 and the digital Pet Conference in 2021. Now an international version of the founder’s award is to be premiered.

Live pitches

A separate part of the programme of talks at the International Pet Conference will include presentations from five newcomers. The selection of companies nominated for Bologna will be made by the editorial team of the PET worldwide trade magazine. Each of the five companies nominated will introduce itself and its products at the conference in a live pitch lasting roughly five minutes and including a film. The winner, to be decided in an online ballot of PET worldwide readers and by delegates to the International Pet Conference, will then be presented with the PET worldwide Best Newcomer Award on the first day of the conference. Readers’ votes and those of the congress delegates will account respectively for 50 per cent of the overall ballot.

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