China's pet supplies
A rosy future is forecast for modern pet supplies retailing.
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Pet market on the rise

A recent study reports significant growth in sales, rising pet population figures and an increasing number of pet stores in China's pet supplies sector.
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According to the study "White Paper on China's Pet Consumption Trends in 2021", published by iResearch, the market for pet supplies in China has grown in the last year to approx. 38.52 bn euros (around 300 bn yuan). The study reports an average growth rate of 32.8 per cent for the period from 2015 to 2020 and forecasts a rate of 14.2 per cent for the Chinese pet sector in the next three years, predicting that the volume of the market will reach 57.2 bn euros (approx. 445.6 bn yuan) by 2023. This is because the rising income of the Chinese population has been accompanied by an increase in the number of pet owners.

A growing range of services

Apart from pet food and pet accessories, the Chinese pet sector can be categorised into grooming, care and training, accounting respectively for roughly 65, 30 and 5 per cent of the market for pet services. The size of the market for pet grooming is even indicated as being bigger overall than the market for care products.Since the needs of pet owners with regard to services for their pets are becoming increasingly sophisticated, companies in China will continue to come up with innovations in relation to the content and form of pet services. The profession of pet groomer has even been created and has become a future career in the pet supplies sector. Since 2010 it has been officially listed as one of the new professions of the Chinese Ministry for Human Resources and Social Security.
The term "pet grooming" refers to the use of beauty products, trimming techniques and colourants to conceal physical flaws and enhance the beauty of pets, so that pets and their owners feel good physically and mentally. As the pet sector has developed, pet owners' demand for pet services is greater than before, resulting in the rapid emergence of the grooming business.
The Chinese market for pet grooming is currently still dominated by basic needs such as cleaning. The demand for shampoo, for example, thus accounts for around 95 per cent of the entire Chinese market for pet grooming.
The market for grooming products still offers plenty of scope for improvements in the future. Thanks to growing demand, manufacturers have an opportunity to open up new markets and reach new customer groups by offering products such…
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