Josera, Meat Lovers
The new product range is available from October in 400 g and 800 g cans.
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A new moist food makes its debut

Josera is launching its first moist food for dogs, called Meat Lovers. It will be available from speciality retailers this autumn.
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Josera knows what four-legged gourmets want: "A high meat content, a tasty recipe, best Josera quality and a mouth-watering selection," says the company. The new range of moist dog food from the pet food brand offers all of these things.

Meaty dreams

Meat enthusiasts can choose from two lines: Menu, comprising three varieties supplemented with essential additions, or Pure, comprising four varieties offering carnivores meat pure and simple. All varieties come in different flavours and are manufactured in a carbon-neutral production process.
The Meat Lovers products only contain what it says on the tin. In the Menu line, that means juicy meat morsels of duck, chicken, beef, pork or lamb, and not too little of these, as each can contains 65 per cent meat. A tasty stock and delicious vegetables provide the perfect complement to the meat.
In the Meat Lovers Pure line, an extra portion of beef, chicken, turkey or lamb is added to each can, bringing the meat content to 68 per cent. The enjoyment is enhanced by a juicy broth and key minerals. None of the Pure line varieties contain any cereal.

Honest, tasty food

For all canines wanting more of the good stuff and less of the non-essential content in their bowl, Josera promises that added sugar, colourings, flavourings and preservatives have no place in its Meat Lovers Pure and Meat Lovers Menu lines. The company has selected each individual high-quality ingredient deliberately and with care. The brand carries a declaration promising full transparency: "Every can contains precisely what it says on the label: a significant quantity of meat, species-specific accompaniments and a recipe geared to the requirements," Josera emphasises. This is because the brand claims to offer every four-legged companion exactly what it deserves: complete honesty and delicious moist food.
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