Chewnergy is said to refresh the mouth and relieve inflammation and itching.
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Trends in China

Innovations and new ideas are traditionally the focus of the big pet trade fairs, and the last CIPS was no exception. Here is a subjective selection.
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Fish, beef, chicken, lamb and rabbit are considered the traditional protein sources for pet food. But now crocodile, pigeon and horse meat have appeared in the Chinese pet food market. Cattaro has launched freeze-dried raw bone meat and wet food with pigeon as the main protein source, and is believed to be the first supplier in China to use pigeon as the main raw material. Foodie Pet introduced horsemeat pâté and horsemeat cubes, for which the raw material is sourced from Inner Mongolia. Wangwang-Chocolate is a manufacturer of chocolate products and has developed a product for pets that does not contain theobromine and can be enjoyed by both pets and their owners.
Internationally, the number of companies focusing on beverages for pets is growing. Goat's milk and milk tea were on display at the CIPS. Smile's skimmed goat's milk, for example, is fortified with selenium to slow ageing and tissue sclerosis. The milk tea on offer is also made from skimmed goat's milk and meat extracts and mixed with various fruits and vegetables. Another new pet drink is made with water, chicken and fish extracts with added taurine and astragalus. It looks like pet milk but offers additional health benefits for pets.

Added herbal extracts

Several manufacturers presented pet foods with herbal extracts that are supposed to give the products a functional effect. Weight Right, for example, uses a combination of natural plant extracts to maintain urinary tract and gut health. Other brands have added astragalus and plantain extracts, while Liangbei has added both probiotic and herbal extracts to maintain coat and kidney condition. Peidi's Chewnergy contains honeysuckle, mint, Houttuynia cordata and dandelion, which can relieve swelling and pain of the gums, freshen the mouth, and soothe inflammation and itching.
Common to many new products is innovative packaging designed to convey traditional Chinese styles and cultures. For example, some Chinese brands have chosen cartoons for packaging and announced seasonal special editions, such as at Christmas time. Cattaro has developed a container in the shape of a teacup with seeds and soil for cat grass. This has to germinate and grow, and is then ready to be fed after a few days.
Smile goat’s milk is reported to slow down ageing and tissue sclerosis.
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