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Special needs, appropriate food

To meet all the needs of the modern feline world, Tropical has created three new cat foods, which create a complete nutritional programme.
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"Every day, we do our best to meet our pets' behavioural needs and to provide the highest-quality foods adjusted to their age and special needs," Tropical states. The new foods complement their current line, which will now accompany cats from their early months until early old age, satisfying their special needs. The new foods are available in 0.4, 2 and 10 kg packages. Their common feature is fibre, including fructo-oligosaccharides and cellulose, which help to remove hairballs naturally from the digestive tract.
The first food in this line is Senior TropiCat, which will help cats go through the old age stage in an appropriate way, supporting their vitality and joints every day. Its unique anti-ageing complex, combined with vitamin C, E and taurine, strengthens natural immunity and helps maintain vitality. The food also contains glucosamine and chondroitin, which help protect joint structures and help them to function properly.

Beauty and health

Cat health also depends on proper digestion. The better the process, the more nutrients a cat's body assimilates and the better it functions. However, this process can easily be disrupted by even a small amount of stress. To take care of the cat's condition and wellbeing, TropiCat Digest was developed. It contains some specific raw materials and ingredients that, thanks to their properties, can aid the complex process of digestion. By using prebiotics (FOS, MOS) and a probiotic, it helps maintain the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora, supports the correct course of digestion, helps to protect the intestinal mucosa and bolsters the cat's immune system.
Beautiful, shiny fur is the pride of every cat's owner. The importance of maintaining stunning fur is obvious. After all, it's not only a testament to the dignity of the cat, but also to its health. In order to keep the fur in good condition, TropiCat Beauty has been created. It ensures perfect daily care and proper nutrition thanks to Omega-3 fatty acids contained in salmon oil and sulphuric amino acids, which are derived from eggs. They promote the proper condition of the skin, beautiful hair and skin regeneration.
Each of the new foods has its own unique recipe that perfectly covers the needs of the cat.
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