Fress­napf, Croatian company Zoo Hobby
The Croatian company Zoo Hobby, which runs more than 20 outlets under the Zoo City logo, is Fress­napf’s first strategic distri­bu­tion partner for its exclusive brands.
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Fressnapf cooperates with international retailers

The Fressnapf Group intends to distribute its exclusive brands through international partners in future.
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It all began in 1998 with MultiFit - the first brand in the dog and cat food category exclusively available from Fressnapf/Maxi Zoo. Considered and managed then as a classic private label, the terminology and significance of this has experienced a lasting transformation. The Fressnapf Group now speaks of exclusive brands that are managed like genuine brands, with innovation and advances in quality taking place continuously. These brands are consciously differentiated from comparable manufacturers' brands, given special support in the market and store employees are also specially trained in selling them.

16 exclusive brands

The 16 brands now in existence, comprising several thousand pro­ducts, account for over 50 per cent of sales at the company. Last year, the one-billion-euro sales barrier was broken for the first time by the exclusive brands. For Fressnapf, this is proof that customers trust in the quality, performance and thus the importance of its exclusive brands. These range from low-priced via the mid-price range to super-premium product solutions for all aspects of pet owning, whether pet food or accessories. The success story of the exclusive brands is now to be extended for the first time to international customer circles outside the eleven countries in which the Fressnapf Group currently operates. To this end, a comprehensive, high-performing concept has been developed in the last few months that facilitates distribution and marketing in other countries, including those beyond the borders of Europe. The Fressnapf Group is in ongoing discussions regarding this with a view to carefully evaluating the prospects and potential by country, region and customer requirements. The aim is to increase the spread of these exclusive brands significantly while building up a network of cooperative relationships in the pet retail business. These relationships could also be extended to other areas. Fressnapf is looking to secure partners outside Europe as well.
"Our aim is to offer strategic partners a broad, deep assortment with an above-average margin. They will not incur the enormous outlay on building up a portfolio of exclusive brands and at the same time will be able to participate in the purchasing volumes and synergies of the Fressnapf Group," says Fressnapf proprietor Torsten Toeller, outlining the benefits for both sides.
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