Pet food from Spain
Pet food from Spain is an important export.
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Spanish pet food

An upward curve in Spain

Spanish pet food manufacturers significantly increased their overall sales in 2019. Exports played a key role in this.
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Pet food manufacturers based in Spain succeeded in increasing their overall sales of dog and cat food in 2019 by 3.7 per cent to over 1.2 bn euros compared with the previous year (1.17 bn euros). The figures were released by the Spanish industry association ANFAAC, to which around 90 per cent of participants in the Spanish market belong.
Sales of dog food increased by 2.1 per cent to 782 mio euros. Broken down according to food types, dry dog food sales grew by 0.8 per cent to 569 mio euros, moist food for dogs by 8.1 per cent to 100 mio euros and dog treats by 3.5 per cent to 112.9 mio euros. The volume of dog food increased by 1.3 per cent to 379 138 tonnes. Dry food grew by 1.3 per cent to 317 137 tonnes, moist food by 6.4 per cent to 49 085 tonnes and dog treats by 6.02 per cent to 12 916 tonnes.
Cat food sales increased by 6.7 per cent to 434 mio euros. Here sales of dry food were up 3.7 per cent to 257.8 mio euros and moist food recorded double-digit growth of 11 per cent to 151.2 mio euros. Cat treat sales grew even more by 15 per cent to 25.3 mio euros. In volume terms, growth of 5.5 per cent to 150 517 tonnes was recorded. Dry food accounted for 104 657 tonnes, an increase of 4.54 per cent, moist food for 44 761 tonnes, rising by 7.4 per cent and treats for 1 099 tonnes, with a considerable increase of 21.4 per cent.

Reliable, high-quality products

"These figures show the healthy state of the Spanish pet food industry and the ability of Spanish companies to compete in the market," says ANFAAC general secretary Santiago de Andrés. He points to the production of high-quality foods by the companies and their growing presence in the national and international market.
Pablo Hervás Calle, technical director of the ANFAAC, adds that "the Spanish pet food industry has over a dozen plants in our country offering a full range of top-quality, reliable and balanced foods in a variety of flavours to satisfy the requirements of our pets". He is confident that Spanish manufacturers are at the forefront of research, innovation and development. They strengthen their environmental commitment daily, improving processes and minimising their impact on the environment.
The ANFAAC describes the export of Spanish pet food as a key part of production. It is exported to foreign…
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