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The pet sector during the coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus pandemic brings new developments on a daily basis. PET worldwide has spoken to many pet retailers and industry representatives and offers a complete overview of the key events in the last few months (date: mid-April).
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While sales of pet food in pet supplies outlets continue to be strong during the coronavirus crisis, the demand for pet accessory products is currently exhibiting a downward trend. Manufacturers and retailers have confirmed this in discussion with the PET worldwide editorial team. Some speciality retailers have reported a decline in sales of up to 30 per cent, and they fear little change in this situation in the next few weeks. Most customers are limiting their purchases to the essentials when shopping.The Italian pet food manufacturer Agras Delic has launched an initiative entitled "Never without Schesir". It is making communication facilities available to retailers to guarantee a home delivery and collection service for pet food. To this end the company will use its digital channels to support retailers and prepare customised offers to minimise retailers' costs.The coronavirus pandemic is also causing operational difficulties in Portugal, which are very difficult to manage. To ensure the well-being and health of its employees, aquarium manufacturer Aquatlantis has announced the suspension of all its operational activities from 6 to 30 April. In a letter to its business partners, the company thanks them in advance for their understanding of this decision.In testing times, you often need to act quickly. The Casco Pet design team has created a new portable, collapsible adoption shelter that doesn't require any assembly. The enclosure sits on locking wheels and simply unfolds to stand wherever needed, meaning you can cater for more animals in situations where you may be over regular capacity. Casco is donating 10 per cent of any profits made selling these shelters to animal shelters across the country.Fishkeeper Scotland operates 13 stores across Scotland under the umbrella of Maidenhead Aquatics. The company announced in the middle of March on its Facebook page that all stores had been closed due to the coronavirus situation.
"Pet shops are classed as an essential service and we are aware that some of our customers will be anxious as to what this means for their aquatic pets," it stated in the release. The situation will now be monitored on an ongoing basis.The pet store chain Fressnapf called off a number of marketing promotions across Germany for March and April due to the continuing coronavirus crisis. The company decided instead to provide its customers with extensive information regarding protective measures against the virus and advice on correct hand…
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