The Laroy Group of Ghent in Belgium had a large stand to display its extensive offering.
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Belgian gathering

Attracting nearly 5 000 visitors, Anido in Kortrijk reaffirmed its significance for the pet supplies business in Benelux and northern France.
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The 21st edition of Anido on 16 and 17 February drew an audience of 4 871 from 22 countries. 2 962 visitors attended the show on the Sunday, with a further 1 909 on the Monday. Roughly 24.5 per cent of the attendees were from abroad, mostly from the Netherlands (13 per cent) and France (9.6 per cent).  Looking at the products on offer with an open mind, it was evident not only that sustainability and ecological considerations play an increasingly important role. Some manufacturers stated that they were once again concentrating to a greater extent on regions close to home in the manufacture and sourcing of their products. This includes hand-crafted accessory products as well as food and treats made from regional raw materials.

Show innovations

No trade show is complete without a special showcase for new products, and this was the same for Anido. The New@Anido area offered an overview of the latest innovations by exhibitors. Visitors were asked to vote for their favourites in the categories of food, accessories and care products and, for the first time, in the Natural and Sustainable category.
Votes were counted at the end of the first show day and awards given. In the food category, the award went to Edgard & Cooper for their dental care chew, Doggy Dental Stick. The award in the accessories and care products category went to French firm Weenect with its GPS tracker, which it claims to be the smallest and lightest on the market. In the "Natural and Sustainable" segment, Supplies for Pets took the award for its compostable dog waste bag manufactured from 30 per cent renewable raw materials.
The next Anido will take place on 20 and 21 February 2022.
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