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For Polish company Tropical, comprehensive action to protect the environment is one of the main focal points of its development work.
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Odour-neutral production, advanced biological filters, reduced noise emissions to the surround-ing area and active participation in the work of the FEDIAF Environment and Sustainability Working Group: these are some of the environmental protection measures adopted by the pet food manufacturer Tropical, enabling it to make a significant contribution to sustainable development.

No odour, no noise

Sustainable development is one of the company's priorities. In its continuous development of products and production technology, Tropical not only reacts to the demands of the market, but also takes account of the environment. "Our plant is located in Chorzów, close to the city centre and situated between residential estates, schools and nurseries. It is very important to us that the manufacture of pet food does not have an adverse impact on our neighbours," says Renata Góral, marketing manager at Tropical. The company therefore accepts full responsibility for the environment and the comfort of the surrounding inhabitants. To achieve this, the production lines have been equipped with advanced biological filters, absorbing everything that could have an adverse ecological impact and rendering production odour-free. The biological filter sediment is 100 per cent natural and the cleaning process is biological in character. Tropical also uses eco-friendly technology to deal with the noise arising from the manufacturing process. "Our neighbours don't even notice that the plant is producing pet food right next to their homes," adds Renata Góral. The Tropical team is proud to have succeeded in cutting odour, noise and environmental pollution with such advanced production facilities.

Achieving things together

Tropical is also a member of the Polish Pet Food Manufacturers Association, which belongs in turn to the European association FEDIAF. The latter has set up the Environment and Sustainability Working Group, which looks at the ecological footprint of products, the packaging guidelines and packaging waste, and the impact of pet owning and pet products on the environment. "We are pleased that the subject of the environment and sustainable development is discussed in the context of pet food manufacturers also," emphasises Renata Góral. All of the topics to be dealt…
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