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What makes Spain tick

Little is known about pet keeping in Spain, but the expansion of modern pet store chains has deepened interest in the market. TiendAnimal conducted a customer survey and has now published the results.
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The Spanish pet store chain TiendAnimal commissioned a large-scale survey of pet owners to learn about current consumer trends in the pet segment. To this end 5 000 questionnaires were sent out to all customers who had made a purchase at TiendAnimal in the last six months, both online and offline.
2 290 completed questionnaires were returned between September 2016 and February 2017 and were evaluated for the survey. The highest number of questionnaires returned was from Madrid (407), Catalonia (305) and Valencia (266). 85 per cent of the respondents were female and 35 years old on average. 
It was no surprise to learn that the vast majority of respondents (85 per cent) had one or more dogs. 38 per cent had two dogs, while 12 per cent had three dogs or more. 35 per cent of those surveyed stated that they kept cats, with a quarter of all respondents (491) indicating that they had both dogs and cats at home. All spent around two hours per day on caring for their pets.
53 per cent of all pet owners said they had adopted their pets. Only 21 per cent obtained their pets from breeders and just nine per cent had bought their pet in a pet store.

Food and accessories

One piece of good news for pet product retailers is that 76 per cent of respondents stated that the quality of the ingredients is the deciding factor when purchasing a particular brand of food. 32 per cent make their decision based on a certain benefit, such as diet food, food to help with digestive problems or the like. On the other hand, only 18 per cent felt that price was the most important criterion.
Even if the weather in Spain is actually good all year round, 49 per cent of those questioned said they had bought clothing for their pet, while 51 per cent hadn't. However, the figure also includes owners of cats, birds, fish, reptiles and small animals, so that in pure percentage terms, the number of purchasers among dog owners could be much higher. Of the respondents who purchased clothing, 57 per cent said they had bought products suitable for their dog breed. 

On the subject of money

The pet owners questioned spent 65 euros per month on average on feeding their furry companions. 52 per cent of them spent between 50 and 100 euros, while 38 per cent spent less than 50 euros.
Only 7.16 euros per month…
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