Maxi Zoo XXL
The Maxi Zoo XXL in Les Clayes sous Bois: a retail area of over 1 200 m2 houses a wide range of products for all pets.
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France - Fressnapf Group

“No need for a ­discount concept”

France is one of the Fressnapf Group’s most important markets. PET worldwide spoke to country manager Jan Wejbrandt.
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In spite of the strong competition and France's economic problems, country manager Jan Wejbrandt sees good growth opportunities for the Fressnapf Group's subsidiary Maxi Zoo. "The recession has even made it easier to acquire good store locations," explains Wejbrandt. The country manager views "triple-A" locations as essential to continue expanding successfully. Preferred sites are well-frequented speciality store centres and shopping malls. Maxi Zoo doesn't want to limit its expansion to big cities and conurbations such as the Ile de France; it perceives good potential for development in so-called provincial France too. After all, the country is known for its agricultural character.Two new stores have already opened this year, one in Montluçon near Clermont-Ferrand in March and another in Soissons in Picardy in May. Wejbrandt aims to open three to four new stores per year. 18 XXL stores 54 of the 72 Maxi Zoo stores have a retail area of 500 to 600 m2 and stock an extensive range of pet food, pet care and accessory products for all pets. The 18 French XXL stores currently operated by the speciality chain boast large live pet departments and a particularly diverse product assortment. These have retail areas of up to 1 200 m2. In contrast to many of its competitors, Maxi Zoo does not sell dogs and cats, and customers seeking to buy these pets are referred to animal shelters or selected breeders in the region.
Future Store concept Wejbrandt considers the strengths of his chain to be its large stock range, which includes a widely varied and exclusive private label portfolio covering all categories and price classes, and better service compared with supermarkets, which also extends to competent advice. Before joining Fressnapf-Maxi Zoo last September, Wejbrandt had spent 15 years working for French companies in the retail business throughout Europe.Although Maxi Zoo in France aims to offer its products at "competitive prices", price is not the all-important deciding criterion for Wejbrandt in relation to the company's trading rivals. He sees no need for a discount concept in the pet business in France and believes that the quality of the range, the service and providing advice to customers are more important than rock-bottom…
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