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Food for Discus fish New Era Aquaculture is launching a product to feed the growing Discus market. The moisture-controlled soft pellets are made from a fine blend of ingredients such as bloodworm, fish, shrimp and a blend of minerals. Over recent months the company has been trialling the new Discus diet pellets, which are rich in protein that would give the nutrient profile needed for feeding Discus. Multi-segment range Zolux introduces "Yin-Yang", a new range offering various solutions for both the comfort and entertainment of companion pets. The range adds spice to the home with its two flagship colours of chocolate-anise and chocolate-fuchsia! The "Yin Yang" range is composed of practical products (cat trees or carrying bags), classic products (comfort line and toys) and fun cat accessories ("Magic Cube", "Magic Tent", "Magic Tube", "Magic Box"), which are fully folding and easy to carry.
Brightly coloured cages Ferplast presents its new "Dekor" line for birds and small mammals. The lower part of the bird and rodent cage housing is provided with a decorative finish that the company says is durable and will not fade. The hamster cages are embellished with bright, friendly fairytale motifs, while for guinea pigs and dwarf rabbits a line of "Casita" and "Rabbit" cages is presented with decorative features showing fields with animals, trees and flowers. The bird cages have a more elegant design. One design shows bright birds and flowering trees that are intended to be evocative of oriental painting, while another is in a more classical style, with stylised flowers.
Cage that expands with the number of pets Imac presents a new hamster cage, "Fantasy Kit", comprising a base fitted with non-slip feet on which the peripheral cage grille rests. The upper part of the cage houses a retreat area accessed via a partition with a small aperture. A series of small openings distributed over the entire cover surface should ensure perfect ventilation, according to the company. The "Fantasy Kit" includes a house, two tubes, a hamster wheel and closure hooks. Several cages can also be stacked on top of one another, forming a column of any height. For this purpose a separately purchased accessory set includes a peripheral cage grille, the partition, two tubes and connection hooks, so that the number of pets can be increased without having to buy a bigger cage, says the company. A single cage is 58 x 38 x 38.5 cm in…
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