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Environmentally friendly fish feeding

The Italian company Prodac has announced that all fish food produced by the company is packed in tubs that are 100 per cent biodegradable including the label and cap.
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"An act of love towards the fish and the environment," is how Prodac describes the announcement, stating that 1 500 water bottles end up as refuse every second in the world and will remain in existence for several hundred years. The plastic material from millions of bottles and containers is suffocating the earth and the survival of many living organisms is already in danger. And so a discussion took place within the company - how can aquatics be communicated as a "representation of nature" when its own food containers pose a danger to the environment in which the fish live? "So we engaged in researching the best way to save the animals we love and supporting environmental sustainability as well," the company states, saying that it has spent years on attempts and tests, backed by expenditure and investment. Finally, the company succeeded and announced that all fish food produced by Prodac is packed in tubs that are 100 per cent biodegradable including the label and cap. Environmental technology "The tubs do not need any special treatment to start the decomposition process. They do not need light, heat, or mechanical action," Prodac states. "They completely biodegrade, both aerobically and anaerobically, when they are thrown in any place where other substances are decomposing, such as refuse bins, tips, compost or soil." Furthermore, the fish food tubs do not need special storage conditions, nor are they damaged by heat, light, humidity or the stresses imposed by transportation, shipment, warehousing or handling. The material of which they are made is free of heavy metals, ecologically safe and complies with Directive 94/62/EC of the European Parliament and European Council dated 20 December 1994 on packaging and packaging waste. It is also emphasised that the quality of the fish food and the efficiency of water treatments for ornamental aquariums are not achieved by accident. All the fish food produced by Prodac International will be delivered in the new biodegradable tubs, which are stated to be on sale from 20 February.
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