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Beaphar steps up the pace

By establishing several foreign branches in quick succession as well as new production facilities, the Dutch firm Beaphar has taken big strides towards strengthening its market position further.
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"Beaphar's strategy is to be represented by its own branches in all key sales markets," emphasises managing director Daan Aa. In the last two years Beaphar has taken a number of initiatives to achieve this goal as quickly as possible. Outside its home market the company now operates subsidiaries in Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Greece and Hong Kong. As well as servicing the market in the Czech Republic, the Beaphar subsidiary there also serves the countries of the former Soviet Union. Bulgaria, Romania and the states that were formerly part of Yugoslavia are handled by the head office in the Nether-lands. Asian countries such as China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Taiwan are supplied with goods from Hong Kong. Beaphar is a very international company, selling 90 per cent of its goods abroad and 95 per cent in Europe. Its products are marketed in 60 countries around the world. Due to the differences in national regulations relating to veterinary medicines, the range varies considerably between countries. The Dutch firm employs over 480 people worldwide, including 80 staff at the British company Sinclair, which Beaphar acquired in 2007. Beaphar significantly enhanced its market position in Great Britain with the purchase of this well-known firm, and the company has assumed a leading role in the market in several product segments. The sales representative teams of Beaphar UK and Sinclair were swiftly amalgamated, and the number of account managers increased threefold to 21, enabling the firm to expand its customer care activities considerably. Most "Sinclair" products are now sold under the family brand "Beaphar". The "King British" aquarium brand, which is well respected in Great Britain, is still being sold under this name but is likewise expected to be distributed in the near future under the "Beaphar" logo. Only accessory products for the British market are still sold under the "Canac" brand; the other product groups previously covered by this brand (pharmaceutical products, flea repellents, hay and straw) have been integrated into the Beaphar range.
Significant investment in production facilities In spite of the recession, Beaphar increased its sales in 2009 compared with the previous year. In its main markets of Great Britain and Germany, growth of 8 and 7 per cent respectively was recorded. The company saw…
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