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The marine world in an aquarium

For 2009 Grotech has an innovative new look and a proven concept. With its new company slogan "Ocean Inside", Grotech Aquarientechnik GmbH emphasises its expertise in marine aquariums.
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Established in 1995, the company based in the Swabian town of Affalterbach in Germany became a globally registered brand five years later. The relaunch is intended to take account of the company's innovative capacity, enabling natural marine aquariums to be offered. The products for this are developed in-house and turned out by the company's own production plant in Germany, and are marketed internationally. "One of the most important tasks in marine aquatics is to create an environment optimally adapted to the species," says Grotech managing director Thomas Groß. "To this end, the product range includes our own quality marine salt as well as various dosing pumps, lighting systems, water additives, skimmers, calcium reactors, adhesives and foods. Different varieties of fish food are also available, such as "NutriVital Daily" and "NutriVital Plus", for example. The dosing pump system "TEC III NG", which has been developed continuously over the years and features an ingenious dosing technique, is one of Grotech's most well-known products, as is the "Corall A-B-C" system, which supplies tank inhabitants with all the required elements for optimum growth and natural colouration. The dosing system evolved from the "Trace-el-controller" developed in 1997, and in conjunction with additional modules it adds up to eleven water additives to the aquarium water automatically several times a day. "We are renowned among our trading partners for swift, reliable deliveries," says Thomas Groß. "We have perfected our processes with the expansion of the warehouse and the resulting increase in storage capacity of 150 per cent." The new complex of buildings at the head office in Affalterbach incorporates offices, warehouse, production facilities and exhibition, with a 5 000 l show aquarium. The managing director and founder, Thomas Groß, knows what is important when it comes to marine aquariums: "Special technical solutions, but also marine salt blends individually tailored to the initial water supply and prepared on request for the customer. Also useful accessories, like a ceramic knife that does not rust." The entrepreneur was developing, producing and distributing the first trace elements and coral adhesives back in 1996. It was from these beginnings that his company eventually developed, which now sells its products to over 50 countries worldwide. 
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