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Provimi Kliba AG has succeeded in recruiting the popular singer and television presenter Francine Jordi as an ambassador for its “Iso-dog” and “Iso-cat” products. This initiative is currently attracting considerable attention to the super-premium pet food brands, which are manufactured in Switzerland.
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The singer, who is also well known outside Switzerland, enjoys great success with her tours and as a presenter of various television shows thanks to her fresh, natural radiance. She has been feeding “Iso-dog” to her black Labrador, Pego, for a long time – “out of conviction,” as Francine Jordi and Provimi Kliba emphasise. Francine Jordi recommends the pet food brand in publicity campaigns in various wide-circulation media and promotions. On 4 October, for example, she held an autograph signing session at Qualipet in Switzerland’s biggest shopping centre, the Glatt-Center, attracting many visitors to the store. In the speciality trade, the brand presence of “Iso-dog” and “Iso-cat” has been markedly reinforced by posters and shelf stoppers. Attractive sales promotions in pet shops along with the distribution of samples and money-off vouchers at exhibitions and trade fairs are other initiatives that have been adopted in this extraordinary advertising campaign. Relaunch in the coming year For the Christmas trade Kliba Petfood planned a further attractive sales promotion, in which customers who purchased three 400g packs of “Iso-cat” would receive a “Francine Jordi” storage canister. This was intended to offer pet owners an additional incentive to buy food for their pets in specialist stores. At the beginning of 2009, Provimi Kliba is then aiming to relaunch its premium food brands “Iso-dog” and “Iso-cat”. The new packaging will focus more strongly on the claims made for the food and the concept behind these, and explain them in greater detail. Changes are to be made to the packaging material too, in response to the increased level of environmental awareness in Switzerland. Thus Provimi Kliba has opted for a special plastic for the new packaging that is not as glossy and feels like paper. Two new varieties, “Junior Crackers” and “Adult Crackers” for large and very large breeds, are also being introduced as part of the relaunch. Although the company, like other pet food manufacturers, was unable to avoid price rises in the light of soaring raw material and energy prices, “Iso-dog” and “Iso-cat” are still a long way off the CHF 100 line that some premium suppliers have already crossed. Provimi Kliba aims to position the price of its two speciality trade brands below the two market leaders in the future too. The products are to be offered at a good price-performance ratio. In a 10-point guarantee, the company refers to…
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