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DIY shop design Pet and aquatic stores thinking of upgrading their shop fittings can now make use of a free design pack from the British shopfitting company Casco. The pack contains the information and drawing material required to produce initial draft plans of a possible new store layout. A grid pad with a scale of one centimetre to one metre of floor space is included. Drawing on the inspiration and information provided in the pack, a possible new layout is sketched in pencil. Information sheets with colour pictures of popular units are supplied in the pack, giving their exact sizes. To help further, a template sheet is also supplied with cut-outs of aquarium, plant, bird, reptile and small animal units. The template sheet allocates the correct amount of floor space for each unit and the templates can easily be transferred to the grid plan.
Healthy nutrition Versele-Laga presents a hypoallergenic food line especially for dogs. The current product range of “All Breeds Growth Lamb & Rice”, “Mini Medium Lamb & Rice” and “Maxi Lamb & Rice” is being expanded to include “All Breeds Light Lamb & Rice”, “All Breeds Senior Lamb & Rice” and “All Breeds Salmon & Rice”. The new food products will address a range of conditions, including digestive problems, stomach and intestinal complaints, skin and coat problems and allergies, in every life phase of the dog. Versele-Laga has used only rice as its carbohydrate source and lamb or salmon as the only source of meat or fish. The combination of this gluten-free, easily digestible grain variety with just one type of animal protein reduces the risk of food intolerances considerably.
Import healthy fish safely Importing ornamental fish often causes stress to the fish and makes them susceptible to disease. The aquatics company Sera says that dealers can successfully treat fish that have contracted oodinium or various trematode infections by immersing them in “med Professional Protazol” and “Tremazol”. The treatment takes relatively little time, even with a large number of fish, and acts as a precaution against infection. The so-called dipping process using the Sera medication also works with freshwater fish and is especially suitable for sensitive species.
Baked grain-free treats JR Farm is now marketing baked “Farmy’s light” treats that contain neither grain nor sugar-rich ingredients. The company says that they are…
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