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AS Mineral is a Turkish company that supplies white bentonite-based clumping litter. Customers include wholesalers as well as pet stores and supermarket chains.
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Two mines close to the southern coast of the Black Sea in the north of Turkey provide the company with over two million tonnes of raw material. AS Mineral has been manufacturing cat litter products from natural white bentonite clay for eight years. This material is unique to Turkey, according to the company. “On the basis of our in-depth research and experience over many years, we believe that our product quality is the highest worldwide in natural clumping types,” says Erdem Binzet, director of the company. “Our products combine very high absorbency with strong clumping ability and last longer with less frequency of changing. Odours are quickly and naturally eliminated with no need for additional chemicals or perfumes. The baby-powder-like natural aroma of our products is highly comforting to cats.” The products are manufactured in the company’s own plant in Tekirdagˇ on the European side of Turkey, just 100 km from Turkey’s principal ports. The factory employs 34 people, while a further five staff are employed in the company’s head office in Istanbul. Leader in Turkey In its native country, AS Mineral’s main customers are Metro and Migros, but its large client base also includes wholesalers, pet store chains, distributors and supermarkets. Exports are playing a growing role: “We are exporting our products to more than 25 countries, both under our own brands ‘AK’ and ‘Golden White’ and as private labels,” comments Erdem Binzet. He emphasises that all types of packaging are offered. Private label products are offered in two pack sizes: 5 kg / 6.2 litres and 10 kg / 12 litres. The PE packaging is transparent so that the customer can see what he is buying. The private label products are manufactured strictly to the customer’s specifications. Erdem Binzet says that the European states are the company’s principal market, although an increasing volume is being exported to North Africa and the Middle East. “Each day we look forward to enlarging our sales range due to the trust in our great quality and also the good after-sales service,” continues Erdem Binzet. “That also provides us with long-term, serious and professional cooperation.” He puts AS Mineral’s annual sales at just under € 4 mio.
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