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Kölle Zoo’s seventh venture

The German pet supplies chain Kölle Zoo, a cooperative partner of the Fressnapf Group, has opened its seventh themed store in Heidelberg.
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The store, with a retail area of nearly 2 000 m2, is an important step for Kölle Zoo towards its objective of rapidly achieving coverage of the principal conurbations in southern and south-west Germany. Since Kölle Zoo is already present in Stuttgart, Heilbronn, Karlsruhe, Ludwigshafen and Frankfurt, and a store will soon follow in Weiterstadt, close to Darmstadt, Heidelberg fits seamlessly into the company’s expansion strategy. Kölle Zoo also has an outlet in Münster, and so Heidelberg is the seventh themed store operated by the dynamic company. Many of the elements that make up the shopping experience in Heidelberg are identical or similar to features of other Kölle Zoo stores. Nevertheless, the company has succeeded here too in coming up with some novel ideas. These include an impressive pondscape at the entrance, with an integral 4.5-metre-high waterfall extending over two floors. 250 000 l of water are recirculated hourly in the feature. To ensure perfect values for the water parameters, all the systems are computer-controlled. Another attraction in the entrance area is formed by the tree house steps, 15 metres high, into which unusual terrariums have been incorporated. The lower ground floor accommodates terrariums and aquariums. Over 1 000 species of fish, including many discus varieties and other cichlids, are on show in a volume of water amounting to 60 000 l in total. As well as freshwater fish, the stock includes many marine tank inhabitants: fish, corals and other lower species. An extensive range of 350 species of aquatic plants is also offered in over 8 000 l of water. A host of attractions Apart from a snake terrarium and a tree grotto for chameleons, a 10 m2 desert landscape featuring bearded dragons and tortoises has also been created. At the rear, covering an area of 30 m2, an aquarium grotto illuminated in changing colours has been created complete with lizard cave. Here iguanas roam freely in close proximity to cichlids. A wide range of dog and cat food plus accessories is presented on the ground floor, while the first floor is given over to small mammals and aviary birds. A 15 m2 walk-in aviary is home to tame parrots and their offspring from the Loro Parque in Tenerife. Another bird housing unit with three spacious small aviary systems contains parakeets and finches. There are over 50 units accommodating a wide range of small mammals, too. Customers can watch fresh food being prepared…
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