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“Cats no longer need variety”

Under the name “Feline Health Nutrition” Royal Canin is launching a completely new line of moist food for cats onto the market. The new product is intended to boost the speciality trade in this segment.
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Download: "Cats no longer need variety" (PDF file)Cats are fed predominantly on moist food, or with a mix of dry and moist food. However, very few consumers who purchase moist or mixed cat food buy these products from pet stores; they shop for them instead in supermarkets. One important reason for this imbalance between the speciality trade and the grocery trade is the fact that, in the moist cat food segment, the speciality trade has no really strong brand that can compete with well-known all-channel brands like "Felix", "Whiskas" or "Kitekat". Now, under the "Feline Health Nutrition" logo, Royal Canin is bringing a completely new line onto the market that should give the speciality trade a boost when it comes to moist food for cats. This has come as something of a surprise to many people in the business, because Royal Canin has operated hitherto in the pet supplies trade exclusively as a manufacturer of dry food products. However, the wide range of moist diet products that the company offers in the veterinary sector shows that Royal Canin has extensive know-how in the moist food segment.The development of the new moist food line is based on the realisation that although cats are meat-eaters, pure meat alone does not cover all their needs. The new range comprises six products and is geared both to life phases and to the physiological needs of the cat. "Babycat Instinctive", presented in a 100 g tray, is aimed at kittens from the weaning stage to four months old and has a special consistency that is intended to make the transition to solid food easier for kittens. "Kitten Instinctive" in an 85 g freshness pouch is for kittens up to twelve months old. "Instinctive" is for adult cats, "Ultra Light" aids in preventing obesity, "Intense Beauty" is for an attractive coat and "Oral Mature" is for older cats that often suffer from gum problems. The company has deliberately avoided producing different varieties.Royal Canin is especially proud of its patented macro nutrient profile, developed as a result of extensive research and offering the optimum ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Thanks to this profile, says Royal Canin, cats no longer need variety.
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