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Food supplements, medicines, care products and products to combat pests and insects are all becoming more important in the international pet supplies business. The most interesting new products from the industry are featured here.
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Download: New products for all pets (pdf file)Clean canine earsThe Swiss company Bogar presents "bogacare Alchemilla" a product for cleaning and caring for your dog's or cat's ears. The company says that the product is based on an active combination of Alchemilla extract, a low concentration of acetic acid and aluminium acetate. As well as cleaning and caring for the ears, the product has an antibacterial and antimycotic effect (inhibiting the growth of fungi). The acetic acid reduces the pH value at the point of application, creating an acid medium that inhibits the growth of various bacteria and fungi. It also destabilizes bacteria cell walls and destroys biofilms. Good for dogsThe Spanish company Laboratorios Bilper Group is a certified manufacturing company that supplies a wide and complete range of cosmetic and hygiene products for pets under the "Menforsan" brand. The company states that "Menforsan" is a leading brand in its segment in the European markets and has been distributed through a specialized network of wholesalers and distributors for more than two decades. The latest products are a neem oil natural insect repellent dog shampoo (250 ml) and the neem oil ultra-concentrated dog lotion (250 ml). Both products are a new concept, made with the best modern molecular anti-insecticides integrated into their composition. A safe rangeThe German company Aquarium Münster states that all the company's medicines are produced in accordance with the GMP Guidelines - the international quality assurance standards of the pharmaceutical industry. Continuous monitoring ensures that only products with a high level of efficacy, reliability and compatibility are used. Its best-selling products include "aquafuran", "faunamor", "dessamor", "odimor", "medimor", "ektomor" along with "P" series products with the patented dosing bottle and the "Aquamor" range for the garden pond. The latest developments are the "dactymor" remedy for worm infections and a series of remedies for marine ornamentals. Caring naturallyThe "Sanal" range from Dutch company Nederma includes various care products for dogs and cats, such as "Sanal Malz Pasta", "Sanal Relax" calming tablets and "Sanal Bodyguard" (picture). According to the company, the latter provides natural protection for dogs and cats against fleas and ticks. The natural ingredients plus vitamins and minerals ensure a healthy, lustrous coat. "Sanal Bodyguard" is a powder that…
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