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International trends in the garden and pet markets

Around 100 British suppliers of garden, leisure and pet products, retail groups and export advisers were present at an international Trade Forum in Leamington Spa, organized by the Federation of Garden and Leisure Manufacturers for its Pet Quip and Gardenex memberships.
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Download: International trends in the garden and pet markets (pdf file)The Federation's annual Export Forum and Export Day were combined and expanded this year, giving exporters and potential exporters the opportunityof hearing a series of presentations and meeting with nine key buyers from Belgium, Germany and Ireland. The trade forum was supported by UK Trade & Investment and sponsored by the international garden und pet trade fair Glee.First-hand knowledge of the market for garden and pet products in Belgium was provided by Nadine Vandenbroucke from the British Embassy in Brussels and in Ireland by Donogh Mac Carthy-Morrogh of Atlantic Homecare. Further presentations included how to help develop worldwide export markets by using the wide range of export services and advice available from the Federation and other export organisations. Delegates were also provided with details on how to access grants from the British government to conduct market research and exhibit at overseas trade shows. Stephen Lally, aquatic and garden sales consultant, then provided first-hand knowledge of how the Federation's services and events have helped his company to significantly expand sales in export markets.In providing an insightful picture of retails and product trends in the international pet product, gardening and leisure sectors, Mike Wyatt, editor of the British garden trade magazine Garden Trade News, pointed out that environmental issues and global warming were major factors already affecting the market and that these issues presented real opportunities for the industry.Other significant factors that were bringing changes in demand for consumer goods were the rapid growth in global communications, increased international travel and the expansion of information via the internet - all of which were enabling trends to spread more quickly between markets - and the fact that consumers were becoming more adventurous. According to Mike Wyatt, women were becoming the dominant consumers and lifestyle and fashion-led retailing was tracking this trend. Healthy eating, convenience and caring for garden wildlife were all trends that could be seized on by manufacturers to bring new sales.Ralf Majer-Abele, editor of PET in Europe, spoke of current trends in the international pet product market. In the opening to his presentation he compared the life of cats and dogs in earlier times to those of the 21st century. Previously "the cat had to catch the mice and the dog's major…
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