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Aquatic plant specialist that knows its stuff

The French aquatic plant supplier Thibaud Production is growing.
This year it is planning to expand its production area.
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Aquatic plant specialist that knows its stuffBased in Moncoutant, the company started out in 1999 with a production area of 1 200 m². In the years that followed, this area was steadily expanded and now covers 3 500 m², with a further 2 000 m² extension planned for this year. Thibaud Production's declared aim is to produce cultivated plants of a high quality standard.  Each year approx. 420 000 aquarium plants are cultivated in an in-vitro laboratory. In addition, Thibaud obtains young plants primarily of the Echinodorus species directly from the island of Réunion, where over 940 000 seedlings are produced each year. This means that Thibaud is able to maintain a steady supply of young plants of a high quality and particularly pronounced colouring in its range, regardless of the climate variations in western Europe. It also enables the company to control the complete production process from seedling to fully grown plant stage. At its site in Moncoutant, Thibaud Production offers its customers a full range of specimens, from 5 cm pot plants and ground cover plants up to XL plants that come in 10x10 cm pots. The company's distribution department employs four people to take care of specialist pet product and aquatics dealers in France.Thibaud Production's range includes the most well-known aquarium plants. It is particularly proud of its stock of Echinodorus plants, of which it is able to supply fresh, high-grade specimens all year round. Thibaud cultivates Cryptocorynes plants in its own in-vitro laboratory, along with Anubias specimens, which are supplied in 5 cm pots and also as XL plants. The cultivation process takes at least a year to be able to offer customers uniformly good, healthy plants, but patience pays off both for the company and its clients, Thibaud stresses. In response to requests from many customers the company also supplies ground cover plants. These are ideal for creating a green carpet on the bottom of the aquarium. Thibaud is currently developing a supply of Lilaeopsis and Micranthenum plants for its customers too, along with other plants that complement this range.The aquatic plant specialist considers its large assortment of decorative plants to be one of its strengths. Since last autumn the company has added more than a dozen new species, bringing the total number of decorative plants it supplies to over 20 varieties now. The Riccia above all is worth mentioning…
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