“Next stage of expansion”

Scholtus acquires Big Creek Foods

Big Creek Foods is a family-owned and -operated company founded by Jeff and Tommy Gay in 2013. 
Big Creek Foods is a family-owned and -operated company founded by Jeff and Tommy Gay in 2013. 

Via its US entity Scholtus Petcare, Scholtus Group Holding (Scholtus), a leading supplier of dog and cat treats in Europe, and Big Creek Foods (Big Creek Foods), a producer of pet treats in the USA, have announced Scholtus’ acquisition of Big Creek Foods.

Over recent years, Scholtus has invested heavily in expanding its production capacity for soft chews, functional supplements, training treats, extruded treats and meat snacks in the Netherlands. Scholtus also obtained permits to export to the USA, but decided to pursue a production facility in the USA at the same time.

“We are very impressed by the passionate team and the quality of the products at Big Creek Foods. We are excited to work together. The acquisition of Big Creek Foods significantly strengthens Scholtus’ business and facilitates the next stage of expansion of both firms by stepping up the pace for new product introductions and accelerating expansion in new distribution channels, in the USA as well as in Europe,” says Jan Smulders, managing director of Scholtus.

Owner and CEO of Big Creek Foods, Tommy Gay, is pleased with the transaction and is excited about the future opportunities for the company, the team and Big Creek Food’s customers. Over the last decade, Big Creek Foods has built a significant and relevant track record in the production and sales of dehydrated meat snacks for dogs and cats, according to Scholtus.

Gay comments: “Big Creek Foods has continued to invest in capacity and technology, adding three additional smokehouses just this past year. Scholtus will further expand the production and invest in new production technology. Big Creek Foods will be able to offer existing and new clients a much broader product portfolio. We are very excited about the opportunity to offer new and innovative products to our customers.”

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