Top 10 most dog-friendly cities

Dogs live their best life in Paris

(Source: Pexels)

The French capital is probably the best place to live with a dog or even as a dog, according to the shopping website Savoo. This follows an analysis of Europe’s most populous cities which took account of the number of restaurants, veterinary practices, parks and pet stores in each.

According to the study, Paris has 342 dog-friendly restaurants, 156 veterinary practices, 172 parks, 54 pet stores and 57 grooming salons. Other cities making the top 10 were Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Barcelona, Milan, Dublin, Vienna, Warsaw and Stockholm. Stockholm has the highest number of pet stores at 142, followed by Berlin with 107.

In Warsaw, on the other hand, dog owners have a choice of 240 veterinarians, the highest number in the top 10. 

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