New from RINTI: Singlefleisch Exclusive

Finnern, RINTI Singlefleisch

The trend to premium, high-quality wet dog food that is grain-free, with just one single protein source, continues.
With our RINTI Singlefleisch in 185g, 400g and 800g cans we offer a product line matching these needs, also suitable for sensitive dogs with food allergies. By extending the assortment with Singlefleisch Exclusive we approach sophisticated, quality-orientated dog owners even more specifically. For dogs with sophisticated taste buds, as of now Finnern offers well-balanced nutrition for dogs with RINTI Singlefleisch Exclusive: in premium quality with one single protein source - pure - with a particularly exclusive meat variety in a premium positioning. The already existing varieties Horse Pure and Duck Pure will be integrated into the new Singlefleisch Exclusive assortment and complemented by the new exclusive varieties of venison and goat. The existing chicken, beef and lamb varieties in the well-known Singlefleisch quality will be set to a new price level and upgraded by a turkey variety. Of course, the recipes contain neither carbohydrates nor grain. hall 1, stand 215
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