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Tundra dry cat food

Pro Pet Koller, Tundra dry cat food

The development of the Tundra product range was based on the natural prey of the cat. This has resulted in a nutritionally balanced food based on a high meat content. The three varieties of salmon, chicken, and turkey & game are supplemented by a mix of fruit and herbs, and all the ingredients are of food grade.To make the Tundra product lines with their high fresh meat content and species-appropriate, prey-oriented combination clear to the consumer, the snow leopard was chosen as a symbol for species-appropriate feeding. "The snow leopard is a hunter and TUNDRA is the ideal prey. Isn't there a small hunter in your darling too? It lies in wait for its prey, its senses alert and its muscles taut, utilising all its instincts to pounce at the perfect moment."Tundra dry food for cats comes in the sizes 272 g, 1.45 kg and 6.8 kg in the varieties Tundra Cat Chicken, Tundra Cat Salmon and Tundra Cat Turkey & Game.