New products 2018/19 | Aquatlantis

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Everything you need for your terrarium

Aquatlantis, Terratlantis , decoration for terrariums, spot and heating lamps

Terratlantis has developed a comprehensive range of technical equipment and all kinds of decoration for terrariums. The range includes products that are indispensable for the comfort and well-being of reptile species, such as spot and heating lamps, individual or double fitting supports, analogue and digital thermo­meters, hygrometers and hygrostats, heating cables and heating mats, and a set of accessories such as sprayers, tweezers, sand scoops, metal hooks, transport boxes and incubators. A line of ornamental products makes it easy to simulate a real habitat. These decorative pieces are not just for visual enhancement; they are important for the reptile's well-being and quality of life, creating pleasant refuges and acting as a real habitat. The set includes a va­riety of artificial plants and lianas in diverse shapes, sizes and colours, trunks, stones, hiding places, feeders, drinkers and different ornamental figures.