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Cat milk treat in four flavours

Landguth Heimtiernahrung GmbH, Cat milk

Boasting 100% natural ingredients and a unique design, the new Muuske cat milk treat from Landguth Heimtiernahrung GmbH is a winning combination of quality, taste and creativity born of love. Containing regional, lactose-reduced milk in four select flavours, Muuske is perfect as a daily reward.

With a specially developed production line, high-grade packaging solutions and select raw materials, Landguth is venturing into the treat segment for the first time, naturally in the super-premium quality customarily associated with the German company. The product is available in a multipack of 20, a sample pack of four and a 26-item shelf tray for retailers. The varieties are:

Cocos: a health-promoting natural product that is rich in protein, minerals and healthy fats.

Honey: honey supplies energy to support vitality in a natural way.

Berry: cranberry contains Vitamin C, A, and iron.

Creamy: as well as a full-bodied flavour, cream can have a positive influence on calcium and magnesium metabolism.