New products 2018/19 | Aquatlantis

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Aquariums for wanderlust people

Aquatlantis, Explorer aquarium range by Aquatlantis

The new Explorer aquarium range by Aquatlantis includes aquariums suitable for children and for people new to the pastime as well as for the most experienced hobbyists. This range offers 8 different models, named after European capital cities: Madrid (30cm long), London (35cm long), Lisbon (40cm long), Athens (40cm calypso), Rome (40cm calypso high), Vienna (50cm long), Paris (60cm long) and Amsterdam (80cm long). All the models are available in 5 amazing and fun colours. The minimalist lines of the top covers give a more modern look to these new aquariums. It is also possible to complete the set with LED lighting and with the new CleanSys internal filter.