New products 2018/19 | BEWITAL petfood

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A world first made from 80 per cent fresh meat


An incomparable meaty delight for dogs of any breed: in BELCANDO MASTERCRAFT the German manufacturer BEWITAL petfood has developed a new dry food line for which only fresh meat is processed, without any meat meal being used. The only addition is select, holistic ingredients and superfoods, which have a positive effect on the well-being of canines. 

The arguments made for the products will convince pet and owner instantly: 80 per cent fresh meat, 20 per cent vegetables, fruit, berries and herbs, zero per cent grain or potatoes. An additional speciality is that the five varieties have the same nutrient profile, enabling them to be switched or combined at will without fear of causing the dog digestive problems.

The packaging features an especially eye-catching design as well as a practical reclosure solution.