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MAC's Vetcare trays for cats

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MAC's Vetcare Trays for cats are a new addition to the product assortment. The Vetcare line was developed especially for cats with special feeding requirements. It was formulated taking the latest nutritional findings into account and contains a host of high-quality, natural ingredients. The Renal Diet and Urinary varieties come in three different flavours:


  • MAC's Sterilised Cat - light diet for sterilised cats.
  • MAC's Mono Cat - monoprotein for an exclusion diet in cases of allergy and intolerance.
  • MAC's Weight Control Cat - light diet for overweight cats.
  • MAC's Renal Diet Cat - dietetic food to support the kidney function in cases of chronic renal insufficiency.
  • MAC's Urinary Cat - dietetic food to support the decomposition of struvite stones.