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High-quality cat toy

JR FARM , Back to Instinct Natural Active tree



The Natural Active tree from JR Farm brings a little bit of nature into the house for felines. House cats in particular are often unable to satisfy their hunting instinct properly, resulting in a lack of balance and causing stress. The new products in the Back to Instinct line offer a remedy. Manufactured from native wood species, they are sturdy and durable while providing a host of entertainment options for cats. Practical feature: treats and play materials are already included.

The JR FARM Back to Instinct Natural Active tree is


  • a birch trunk from native forests,
  • the basis for many creative play ideas,
  • an opportunity to act out the hunting instinct,
  • beneficial for the sense of smell,
  • stress-relieving and good for promoting calmness,
  • sturdy and durable,
  • inclusive of interesting play material,
  • inclusive of grain-free mice for hiding.