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Animo shows what makes dogs unique

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Sure Petcare, the pet technology specialist, has introduced a dog behaviour and activity monitor that provides owners with a detailed view of their dog's activity, from sleep and exercise to changes in behaviour. Understanding a dog's "normal" behaviour and activity makes it easier to spot changes in their wellbeing at an early stage.

Animo is rugged, lightweight, and waterproof and fits on the dog's collar. Using the Sure Petcare Animo app, owners receive:Personalised behaviour tracking: accurately monitor when the dog barks, scratches or shakes, indicating significant changes, which could indicate underlying problems such as fleas, allergies, or environmental factors causing stress.

Activity monitoring: set and monitor daily activity goals; view activity reports by day, week, month or year.

Sleep quality: hour-by-hour sleep report each night. A poor night's sleep can indicate stress or discomfort. 

Calories: track the calories burnt by the dog and compare to a recommended daily target based on their weight.

Why is monitoring a dog's behaviour and activity so important? A dog moves through different life stages. Through-out these milestones, its behaviour and activity patterns are constantly changing, as are its health and wellbeing needs. Dashboard reports help owners to identify changes in behaviour and activity, starting from the moment that Animo is attached to the dog's collar.