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Zip pouches make for a tidy shelf

SavannaPet,  zip pouches

The new packaging concept of SavannaPet AG is distinguished by logistical advantages and significant improvements in merchandise presentation. The zip pouches can be reclosed repeatedly and suspended on a hook on the shelf or positioned like conventional pouches. Shelf layouts only have to be set up once and can then be maintained in this format without any further effort. 23 different products can now be displayed on 1.60-metre-high shelving on 25 hooks, providing a very clear, attractive visual presentation. In addition, the proven colour coding system aids simpler, faster orientation of the customers. The effort involved in shelf maintenance and in ordering is likewise considerably reduced. High transparency of the pouches is extremely important for ensuring that the quality of the packaged treat and chew articles can be seen. The use of a second label on the back of the pack also means that the labels are more customer-friendly and much easier to read.

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