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ProPet, Mac's Mono dry food

ProPet presents Mac's Mono Pferd (horse) especially for dogs that are susceptible to allergies. The previous products Mono Kaninchen (rabbit) and Mono Ente (duck) are now joined by a new variety, Mono Pferd. These products for sensitive dogs are based on one variety of meat as the protein source and peas and potatoes as the carbohydrate supply. All three products naturally boast a high content of fresh meat and meat meal. Functional ingredients such as rose hips with a high vitamin C content, pomegranates with antioxidants to intercept free radicals, and apples provide minerals and trace elements. Linseed provides a balance of omega fatty acids. The monoprotein products are also sold as a moist food with a comparable formula. At Interzoo, the dry food will be offered in a new design in the pack sizes 750 g, 3 kg and 12 kg.

hall 6, stand 206


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