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Trixie on a woolly mission

Trixie, sheep for dogs,  soft cuddly cushions and beds

Everybody can deal with dogs - but what about sheep? For Interzoo 2016, Trixie presents a sheep for dogs! And it isn't just any sheep that has found a warm stable at the European market leader for pet supplies: Shaun the Sheep, the pleasantly crazy character from film and TV, and his friends have delighted children and adults for many years. Reason enough for Trixie to lovingly adopt the cheerful little plasticine figures and dedi­cate a product series for dogs to them. Along with Shaun and his best friend Bitzer, other farm animals can also be found in the new series. The product range includes soft cuddly cushions and beds in various shapes and sizes, a cuddly cave, plush animals, latex toys, bowls with bases and a bag. These items stand out clearly at the point of sale from what the competition has to offer, as pet supplies combined with well-known characters are still novel. For shop promotion, Trixie provides an eye-catching display. 

hall 6, stand 108


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