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"The buffet has opened"

Animonda, Vom Feinsten buffet,

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Animonda presents the Vom Feinsten range as a buffet. "Satisfying the demand for choice and variety, we have created a Vom Feinsten buffet with altogether 44 different products for cats and 32 for dogs," says Katja Oehler, product manager at Animonda. The existing dishes for cats will be extended by six varieties with a delicate filling and by 3 sorts of meatballs in sauce (gluten free). In addition, six varieties with white tuna, salmon or chicken fillet will follow as a 50g pouch. For the demanding dog, the established range of 150g dishes has been augmented by six varieties with a delicate filling. In addition to the existing 80g pouches, four varieties with chicken and selected ingredients are to follow as a 100g pouch. As with all Animonda products, these new varieties of Vom Feinsten are guaranteed without soya, sugar, flavour enhancers, artificial colourings or preservatives. At this year's Interzoo Animonda invites all customers to visit the Animonda buffet and receive a glass of champagne. 

hall 7, stand 634 


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