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Taste sensations

kyli FreshNature, petZEBA AG

The grain-free recipes with plenty of fresh meat in the kyli FreshNature line offer discerning felines a special taste experience. The different dry food varieties are enhanced with herbs and fruits. Tailored to the specific needs of cats, the range is available in the varieties Kitten & Mom for pregnant cats and kittens and for adult cats in the varieties Duck & Wild, Urinary Control and Dental Control. Matching the dry foods, the kyli PureFresh line consists of pure meat with added Swiss mountain herbs and Swiss honey to create another culinary delight. The innovation of the grain-free PureFresh line is the fine-fibre meat used. Cat owners can give their pets a top-quality selection with Chicken & Turkey Baby Mush for kittens and adult cat varieties Chicken & Wild, Chicken & Lamb and Chicken & Turkey.


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