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Soft foods for fish from Asia

Tropical, Soft Line

Tropical's Soft Line now includes the new products ASIA (size S and M) and BETTA. The ASIA in size S is available as slowly sinking granules and ASIA in size M comes in the form of slowly sinking sticks. The products are soft foods for omnivorous and carnivorous fish from Asia, according to Tropical. BETTA is a soft food in the form of slowly sinking mini granules for fighting fish and other small species of labyrinth fish, according to the manufacturer. All the new foods intensify fish colouration thanks to their high content of carotenoids from crustaceans (including calanus) and red pepper, plus added natural astaxanthin. A high content of beta-glucan is supposed to improve fish immunity, while the food's palatability encourages fish to feed, says Tropical.


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