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Rinti's Leichte Beute

Rinti Leichte Beute, Finnern

Heading for the city is a popular move, but urban living conditions are cramped and recycling facilities limited. Introducing Leichte Beute, which follows the Rinti concept, Finnern satisfies the steadily increasing demand for high-quality dog food and sustainable packaging. Leichte Beute is beef plus a meat variety. Beef is the most popular meat variety in dog food. Rinti offers nutrition with a maximum of 2 animal proteins for the quality- and "green"-oriented consumer. According to Finnern, the product is rich in natural meat chunks and contains less fat. The food guarantees balanced, appropriate nutrition containing vitamins, minerals and everything the dog needs - completely grain-free.The 400-g-eco-bag is eco-friendly and easy disposable. Leichte Beute is available in four varieties: Pure Beef, Pure Beef plus Chicken, Pure Beef plus Poultry hearts and also Pure Beef plus Lamb.


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