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Revolution at the original sausage makers

Fleischeslust, Moist food menus in a sausage casing

Moist food menus in a sausage casing have developed into a bestseller far beyond the German-speaking countries thanks to high-quality, natural ingredients teamed with ecological packaging and a unique POS concept. Fleischeslust has now expanded its product range for dogs and cats to include Meat & Treat, a firm training sausage made from 100% meat. Its familiar 200 g sausage range has been extended to include 80 g single shots available also in the buffalo, salmon, poultry and horse varieties. In this pocket-sized treat the sausage makers offer the perfect alternative reward for when out walking, for small breeds and to fit any coat pocket. The Farmer's Harvest and pheasant varieties have been added to the range of 600 g pure meat sausages. As with the buffalo, game, poultry and horse flavours, the new varieties also contain whole pieces of meat and heart. Another new addition is the entirely new Pussy Deluxe cat food line in 100 g and 200 g packs. Apart from different consistencies ranging from mousse to pieces in jelly, cat owners will find six new complete food varieties with a unique proportion of 86-92% meat.

hall 5, stand 208


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