New products Interzoo 2016 | Rolf C. Hagen


Representing leadership and competence

Rolf C. Hagen

Rolf C. Hagen Inc. is very excited to use the Interzoo stage to introduce its new name as well as an update of the famous Hagen H logo. The new logo represents the interconnectivity of its product brands and the transparency of the company along with its respect for the past and excitement for the future. The Hagen Group is a house of brands, rather than a branded house, and its recent investments in the dog and cat categories, along with continued leadership in aquatics and reptiles, point to its core strategy. Interzoo 2016 will see a new Hagen presence and a new location. A central Hagen booth will be flanked by each major Hagen brand, independently represented yet still in connection with the core principles and values of the Hagen Group: "A Family of Pet Brands since 1955." With the investment in its two pet consumables brands Nutrience and Zoe, the Hagen Group has shown where it believes its future lies. The exciting sales growth of Catit and Vesper, as well as Bomber, demonstrates the Hagen Group's preoccupation with organic brand building through innovation and quality, and not through line extensions and commodity products. Also important is the continued support of speciality brands Fluval, Exo-Terra and Hari, as these brands represent the Hagen Group as one of the innovators in the global pet industry. 

hall 7, stand 344


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