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Relaunch of high-premium line

Bosch Tiernahrung, high-premium dog food line,

Bosch Tiernahrung presents the relaunch of its high-premium dog food line with new recipes and packaging. The packaging has been completely redesigned to appeal to the dog owner's emotions, while all the recipes have been extensively revised and upgraded. The basic recipe improvement can be summarised as follows: complete elimination of wheat and wheat middlings, so all products are wheat-free. Use of fresh poultry (at least 25 per cent) in a large number of products. Meat is the first ingredient in the composition of all products (except for specialities such as Special Light and Sensitive Lamb+Rice). A large number of products are manufactured without gluten-containing grain. The use of glucans (immune system + stress resistance) and mannans (stabilisation of intestinal flora) in all products. Addition of colostrum (immune defences) to junior food and to new products Adult Salmon & Potato (with 14 per cent fresh salmon) and Maxi Senior Poultry (with 20 per cent fresh poultry). The market launch is scheduled for July 2016 and will be accompanied by attractive introductory offers.

hall 1, stand 124


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