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New to the range: functional treats

Nature Snacks Cadocare , Cadocare

Nature Snacks from Cadocare are gently air-dried meat treats. Made in Germany from a single protein source, they contain no added artificial preservatives, flavour enhancers or cereals.

What does that mean? The treats from Cadocare are not only tasty and with a high meat content, they also offer additional benefits. For whom? For big and small dogs of all breeds, who enjoy a meaty bite in two different varieties and sizes. How does it work? Selected ingredients combined with a scientifically substantiated complex support the physical functions of your dog day in, day out.

Which functions? Natural, pre­biotic vegetable fibre supports the digestive tract and improves digestive health. Beer yeast contributes to strong and shiny fur and resistant skin. Yeasts in general support immune defences and ensure a faster immune response. The brown alga Ascophyllum nodosum assists in dental health and improves mouth hygiene sustainably.


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