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At this year's Interzoo, sera's focus will be on natural, sustainable aquarium products. The highlight is provided by the new line of food products, which facilitate particularly natural ornamental fish nutrition: sera Nature. It encompasses six different flake foods: Vipan Nature, San Nature, Flora Nature and Goldy Nature as well as GVG-Mix Nature and marin GVG-Mix Nature. What all of these food types have in common is that their formula is derived from their namesakes (i.e. sera Vipan) and they are all free from any colorants or preservatives. Additionally, all foods are enhanced with valuable ingredients, such as insect meal as a sustainable protein source.  With eight different coloured and natural gravel types, sera is expanding its product range to include high-quality decorative substrate, which is tested in accordance with DIN 38415-6/EN ISO 15088, guaranteed to be free from pollutants and therefore suitable for keeping and breeding sensitive animals. Furthermore, sera will be presenting new water treatments from the sera Phyto med product line, which are all plant-based. The sera PrefiX Filter, useable as a pre-, bio-, or quick filter, will also be introduced. hall 1, stand 512


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