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New MAC's trays

Pro Pet Koller , MAC'S Kitten

Since mid-2017 MAC'S has been marketing a complete range of trays. Like all other MAC'S products, these are grain-free and contain at least 70 per cent meat. The trays are geared to the MAC'S concept that "The cat gets what it loves most - meat". Ingredients of the highest quality are used, meaning that the meat and by-products would be suitable even for human consumption. No artificial addi­tives or acceptance enhancers feature in the products, which are produced with an emphasis on natural nutrition and based on the latest scientific findings. A healthy, balanced food for cats can be offered thanks to this approach.

Two new Kitten products, which are tailored to the needs of growing cats, have been added to the range of eight varieties. A multipack will also follow shortly.

MAC'S Kitten trays are available in the following varieties: MAC'S Kitten Trays Turkey, Duck & Beef 85g and MAC'S Kitten Trays Chicken & Salmon 85 g.


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